Air Zimbabwe Hovering in Dismay

The national airline of Zimbabwe is still suspended and is hovering in dismay due to the vigorous strike of pilots. The airline that was considered to be the first priority for traveling to Zimbabwe from the UK is not in operations since July 29, 2011 thus shattering the confidence of many loyal passengers. The pilots continue their strike regardless of the affirmative declarations made by the Air Zimbabwe chairman Mr. Jonathan Kadzura and acting chief executive officer Mr. David Mavhunga.

Numerous passengers await their refunds with fingers crossed while various victims marooned at Zimbabwe had to fly back home with other airlines that certainly exhausted their budgets.

Air Zimbabwe Plane

According to the latest updates, the flights scheduled on Thursday, August 18, 2011 and Sunday, August 21, 2011, from the Gatwick airport to Harare have been cancelled. The grounded airline has requested the passengers to wait until Air Zimbabwe resumes operations. If not, they can apply for a full refund from the airline.

Today the pilot strike has entered its 19th day without there being a promise of recommencement of flights in the near future. Airlines like Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways and South African Airways continue to serve passengers in this hour of need.

For more information and details regarding the situation and concerning your bookings, contact Air Zimbabwe at 012 9360 2510.


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