Air Zimbabwe Strike Still Stranded

The besieged airline of Zimbabwe is still at the hands of its crew despite the hope of the critical issue being resolved. The Air Zimbabwe pilot strike has entered its tenth day today on Monday August 08, 2011. Pilots demand their share of US$200,000 each from the airline before returning back to work. According to officials, the airline owes US$ 9 million to the pilots which Air Zimbabwe is unlikely to payback due to the huge ocean of debt it is drowning in.

Air Zimbabwe Logo

An official of a transport ministry had declared hope of the airline resuming back to operations by the previous weekend before Sunday as according to him the issue was getting ‘top level attention’. This ‘attention’ was expected to make things better but it seems the pilots are not ready at all to bow down in front of the management this time.

Air Zimbabwe is bearing a dramatic loss of US$100,000 per day due to the current situation. Today thousands of passengers remain affected by the grievous strike as it cancels all domestic and international flights. People are looking forward to hear good news regarding the matter so they can continue with their travel plans or instead be reimbursed for the tickets they have already bought from the national airline of Zimbabwe.

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