The Incredible Tenderness of Harare

An incredible and a unique city, Harare is absolutely gorgeous and welcoming. It has a population of two million generous people who live with modern age buildings and many striking botanical gardens and wildlife parks surrounding them. This city of Zimbabwe has a strong preservation of its historical architecture, culture and heritage which is an attractive and inviting factor for tourists who take flights to Harare from around the globe.

The Kopje Hill Harare

There are a few places without which a visit to Harare would be incomplete. One such place is the Kopje, a hill top from where a breathtaking view of the entire Harare is visible. It’s a granite mount above the southwestern side of the central city. The National Gallery, Queen Victoria Museum, Harare City Library and the National Archives are also a must to visit as these places will enlighten any one about the history of Harare and the famous people who have explored different African regions and have played major parts in the form of missionaries.

Harare has a range of scrumptious cuisines. Their staple food is Sazda which is actually a delicious thick white porridge with fresh vegetables and meat as side dish. This dish is more or less like mashed potatoes. However, Harare has other cuisines too served at its various restaurants to cater to the needs of the tourists. Each restaurant is one of its kind. Old houses with a huge pool and garden are converted into restaurants, art balcony and shops as well. Moreover, Cafe Espresso, a famous coffee shop, has a beautiful landscape view offering a great sight along the yummiest coffees. A few restaurants even have sculpture galleries and gardens as a visual treat for the customers. More or less, all these places have wireless internet connections too in order to keep people connected with the rest of the world while they have an extravagant time.

Harare has a great nightlife with clubs, pubs, bars and lounges targeting the different segments of the society. For this very reason, no one feels left out in Harare, for sure, and everyone gets to party. You can now avail a rocking holiday at a beautiful city in a low budget as tickets to Zimbabwe start from as low as GBP 200* per passenger only. Significant airline like Kenya Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, South African Airways, KLM, Air France, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Emirates and a few more also offer affordable airfares to this part of the world.

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