Travelling to Uganda

Uganda is one of the famous places for that tourist, who is fond of calm and relief. The land of this east African State is covered with mountains, lakes and other natural beauty, which attracts the travelers to come and enjoy the beauty with peaceful atmosphere.

Climatic Conditions
For any tourist, the important thing to know is the climatic conditions because tourist comes from other countries having almost different climate. The climate of the Uganda is tropical mainly because of natural phenomenon likes lakes, mountains and other greenery. Due to presence of Uganda in equatorial region, the sunlight timings are varies and the length of the daylight last for 12 hours. All of the factors count with an equatorial climate, which carries a lot of rain through the year, which makes the climate more attractive.

Bujagali Falls Uganda

Tourist Attractions
Animal parks with wide range of wild life are one of the attractions for tourist. Uganda is a natural place for tourism since 1970 and ranked as the third major source of earning for the country. But under the president ship of Mr. Amen tourism was neglected a lot, which cause great damage for this industry. Since 1980s tourism was promoted and different foreign hotels opened their business in Uganda. Political instability has affected the tourism industry but the region is still very attractive because it is gifted by God.

Chimpanzee Uganda

Top Tourist attractions:


Ssese Island

Kibale National Park

Kasubi Tombs

Lake Mburo National Park

Bujagali Falls

Uganda Museum

Owen National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park

Elephants Uganda

Transportation Facilities

Being a landlocked state, Uganda much relies on Kenya and Tanzania for transportation links. The country has railway line of about 620 miles but the railway transport is not much used by the people. But the railway line is connected with many east and west part of the country like Kampala with Kalinin Harbor at Mombasa, Kenya, is a rail line that passes via Jinja, Torero, Leseru, Nakuru, and Naivasha. The western parts of the country by a line that reaches the border town of Kasese.

The main International airport is at Entebbe, which is Uganda’s former capital city about 30 km west of Kampala. Air travel is one of the best ways to reach in the country and also a way to reach different cities of the Uganda.

The road transport is also a way for reaching different destination but major roads are not paved. Repairing of most roads is being held, which can cause disturbance in traveling. Limited shipping transport is also available in some areas.

Tigers Uganda

Health and Medical Facilities
There is a shortfall of medical treatments and some infant diseases are common in the country. Which require due consideration for travelers. From 1986, health infra-structure has been improved in some sense with the help of international organization but not up to the required standard. So, tourist must care about different infectious diseases from local people.

Travel guide is normally very important, when you visit a new place because you do not know the natural and cultural aspects of that place. If you are a wanderlust person and wish to travel to explore the whole world take care of the documentation like Passports, visa processing and ESTA authorization as it is compulsory for some country citizens to travel in USA.


Ssese Island

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