5 Awe-inspiring Places to Visit in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe, the land of nature-made attractions own so many breathtaking nature reserves, parks, water resources and serve as a shelter for numerous wildlife species as well. The many astonishments of this surprising land has been put down in a list. Never miss these amazing attractions in Zimbabwe, as every spot is worth a visit.

Victoria Falls
The famous Victoria Falls is amusingly snow white in color. The waterfall seem to jump from the tall forest greens and reach the clean green rugs of the Zamberi River. This is such a miraculous scene to watch from the shores of the river. This is the favorite spot for many Zimbabweans as well as foreign vacationers that are coming
from various nooks of the world.

The Zamberi River is in deed as interesting as the Victoria Falls as you can spot many varieties of fishes and can also involve in angling activities. Most of the people come here to enjoy the scenery, as it give a lifetime pleasure in the hearts of the people that are coming here.

There is also a national park nearby with many rare species of wildlife. Also try riding on a steam train in the Victoria Fall area to enjoy the breathtaking views of the nature.

Hwange National Park

The park has a rich flora and fauna history, and so you can spot a number of tree and plant families here. You can also encounter a number of animal species such as brown hyena, cheetah, leopard, African elephants, wild lions, tigers and so many other fauna species in this national park.

Camping is also available in certain spots of this wildlife nature reserve, but make all the arrangements well in advance before your arrival to ensure the comfort level of your stay. Accommodating in the nearby hotels is also possible through online hotels reservation, where you can book your rooms and enjoy staying near your favorite.

Chapungu Sculpture ParkĀ 

Stone carving and stone sculptures are some of the interesting art works found in Africa. The Chapungu park is a 20 acre park holding a large collection of stone sculptures which had been preserved from years back. There are also many modern structures in this series. Many young travelers come here to explore the origin of the stone carving and does also show interest in learning about this technique.

Raw textured stone sculptures as well as smooth finished articles can been seen here in various sizes starting from tiny to large.

Balancing Rocks

Balancing rocks are definitely a nature made wonder. These are igneous rocks found stacked one on the other naturally without any external balance. These are mostly found in the UNESCO world heritage site of Zimbabwe namely the Matopos National Park. These rocks can also be seen printed in the African currencies.

Zimbabwe Museum of Human Sciences

This museum is a collection of traditional stone sculptures, crafts, paintings, art and music. Apart from these artifacts, the museum does also own fossils, specimens and dioramas showcasing the details of human sciences.


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