A Delicious Guide to Harare: The Best Places to Eat

Harare Restaurants Zimbabwe

Harare is the capital of the great African country Zimbabwe. A city of rich culture and authenticity, Harare is a popular destination amongst tourists visiting Africa. From grand African wild safaris to jet skiing, there is plenty to do and enjoy in this growing city.

Also, for all the food lovers out there, Harare houses a splendid variety of top notch restaurants and cafes that delicious food to their guests. This article lists some of the top restaurants of this city that will have you booking your holiday tour to this African megacity in no time!

Shangri-La Restaurant and Take Away, Harare:

Located on Enterprise Road, the Shangri-La Restaurant is incredibly popular amongst the locals and visitors to Harare. A well-sized restaurant which is always full, this restaurant is known for its mouthwatering food and good service. If you are a fan of the Chinese cuisine then this is the place for you! Best of all, it serves delectable food at a moderate price. Beware though: this restaurant is closed on Mondays.

Ramambo Lodge:

Located on the Samora Av/Leopold Takawira Street, the Ramambo Lodge provides an exotic and exciting food experience. With its dishes like crocodile, warthog and even, zebra, this amazing restaurant is nothing short of a unique experience in itself. There are also cultural and festive dance performances to be enjoyed while eating the deliciously cooked cuisine. The food served here is so magical it should have you booking your flight to Harare now!

Mateo’s, Harare:

Amongst the most popular restaurants in the city, Mateo’s is a famous spot for the people of Harare. Situated on the King George Road, it provides its diners with delicious food from a diverse menu and a great ambiance. It offers both indoor and outdoor seating and makes for a great night out when in town.

Miller’s Café, Harare:

Located in the busy Borrowdale Village, the Miller’s Café is a great place to visit at all times of the day. Providing a great atmosphere both indoors and outdoors, one can enjoy any meal at this amazing café. One can even enjoy a cocktail or two while enjoying the amazing atmosphere and their extensive menu. If you’ve booked yourself an air ticket to Zimbabwe, the Miller’s Café will provide you with the best food while you’re in Harare. Drop in for snack during your shopping trip to the Borrowdale Village!

The Olive, Harare:

The Olive is situated on the Churchill Avenue in Alex Park. It offers great salads and the coffee shop provides its guests with an amazing menu that is utterly satisfying. The setting is splendid with seating both inside and outside on the veranda. Get you cheap tickets to Zimbabwe to make your trip more favorable.

The Bistro, Harare:

Located in the busy Borrowdale Village, this is a great place to enjoy Borrowdale. The Bistro offers its guest friendly service, good quality food and most importantly, a chance to have a great time. The restaurant houses a pool, wonderful garden and hence, beautiful seating. Sit on the veranda or below a gazebo, you’ll thoroughly enjoy your visit to the Bistro either way. The menu is diverse and be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, the food is great all day long. It is popular amongst couples as well as families.

Leonardos Restaurant, Harare:

Situated in Sam Levy’s Village in Borrowdale, the Leonardos Restaurant is a must visit on your trip to this city. It is famous for its mouthwatering peri-peri chicken. It is exceptionally popular with families and groups. The Leonardos Restaurant is also especially known for its scrumptious pizza and pastas. The place offers a relaxed environment to enjoy a great meal in.

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