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Bulawayo is ranked as not the first largest but the second largest city of all of Zimbabwe. The population is estimated to be 731,003 but this is just the metropolitan population and this census was conducted in 2007. This amazing city has some of the best places to visit. Some of the major attractions are National Art Gallery, Natural History Museum, The Train Museum, Amakhosi Theatre Company and the Matobo National Park.

Not only does this city has good attractions it also has some of the best hotels and some of the best restaurants. Good food can be eaten from New Orleans Restaurant, K & S Restaurant, La Plaza and Bulawayo Club. So, get up, contact us and book cheap flights to Bulawayo with us and look at these amazing places and eat the delicious food.

One of the major attractions of Bulawayo is the famous Matobo National Park. The park is not situated in the city but is approximately 35 kilometers away from the city, so it takes about half an hour to get to this national park from the city of Bulawayo. The park has a size of almost 424 km². The park is extended alongside of Thuli, Maleme, Mpopoma and the Mtshelele river valleys.

Matobo National Park Zimbabwe

This park is absolutely beautiful and has a gorgeous view at sun set. The park was made in the year of 1926. The name given to it at first was Rhodes Matopos National Park. The park is basically situated on hills which are made up of granite. These Matobo hills were also known to be the UNESCO world heritage site of 2003. The park has a number of different trees in it, it is estimated that 200 different species of trees and over 100 types of grass are present in the Matobo National Park.

This National park has numerous varieties of animals present. There are 88 mammal, 39 snake, 16 fish species and 175 birds. An area of about 100 km² is contributed to a Game park and there are several animals present here. Some of the main ones are sable antelope, leopard, white Rhinoceros and impalas.

When in this amazing park one can enjoy several activities. Hiking can be done. When going for hiking one should not worry as it is safe and the climate could be easily bared. If one would prefer going for shorter hikes then those will consist of Lakeside walk, Maleme Dam, Fish Eagle lodge, Maleme Camp till the Pomongwe Cave rock paintings and Mount Pomongwe which is situated near the Maleme Camp.

But if a person has more stamina and would prefer a longer hike then the best hikes for them would be to climb the mount Shumbashawa which is located quite near to the Gordon Park. Apart from this a Hike starting from Toghwana Dam and ending at Inanke Cave and rock paintings would be the best and lastly climbing of the famous Nyahwe Mountain is said to be a good hike.

Apart from hiking one can have the opportunity to entertain his or herself through different means like horse riding, boating and fishing. One can also go for a 33 mile run in this park. For fishing there are many dams present in the park like Tilapia, bass etc. For boating of course larger dams will have to be used and those dams are Mtshelele, Lake Matopos, Maleme and Toghwana. This park is the perfect place whether you want to look at the different species or if you just want to go and enjoy the amazing facilities it has.

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