All That Jazz at Harare

Elephants at Mukivisi Woodlands Harare

If you truly wish to indulge yourself in the exoticness and the warmth of the marvels of Mother Nature then head to the ravishing capital of Harare. The city is marked with historical landmarks and sites, fantasizing scenic hotspots exulting class and scenic grandeur, favorable climate and enough sumptuous delicacies and offerings to give you a breathtaking, inspiring and an unforgettable trip.

Whether its business or leisure you may be down for, the city of Harare has something on offer for everyone. The city offers an array of mind boggling enticing propositions which cater to the needs of each traveler accordingly. It doesn’t matter if you are down to Harare with family or friends, the city offers enough options for you to indulge in and offers you unrivalled luxury all along, so book your cheap flights now.

The city of Harare is crammed with a rich cultural and historical heritage where you are always surrounded in an array of enticing options. For those with a knack towards artifacts, sculptures, exhibits and wish to see the local and international collection at one place should definitely head to the National Gallery which will leave you thrilled. The place has a timeless collection of Shona – soft stone carvings which is a feast for the historians. For the naturists and the bird lovers the city offers numerous sightseeing places where one can head to and witness different kinds of birds and animal species.

Head to the Mukivisi Woodlands where you can witness some classy predators and some rare species of birds hovering, diving and roosting nearby. For the thrill seeking individuals and the ones with friends and mates the exhilarating city of Harare offers exciting and pulsating entertainment, recreational and shopping options. The locally brewed beers are amongst the must tries which include the Chibuku which hailed a lot of attention and admiration lately. For those family oriented vacationers the city has a lot to offer. Indulge yourself in either one of the dazzling restaurants and cuisines and enjoy an intimate candle light dinner or a big cocktail party.

The Amanzi Restaurant is wrapped in fantasizing themes, light music and interior décor is simply lavish. The artifacts, frescoes, design and the paintings all offer a unique blend which revitalizes both your mind and soul. The food is great where you can have anything and everything from a donor kebab to curries to sushi’s to beef steak, pitzas and more. The restaurant employs one of the finest team of cookery specialists which will definitely tantalize your taste buds and leaving you craving for more. Coimbra is another such classy restaurant which will give you an unparalleled dining experience.

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