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Matusadona National Park Zimbabwe

The capital of Zimbabwe is the famous Harare. It has a population of around two million people, most of which are living in central Harare but some of them approximately 500,000 have their homes in the districts surroundings of Rural Harare, Chintungwiza and Epworth. The population census in 2009 estimated a population of 1,606,000. There have been massive signs of improvement after the economies downfall and the country’s government decided to make the US dollars the currency of Zimbabwe. Harare is a city which has freedom and it is equal to a province. Overall it is the largest city in all of Zimbabwe and is the centre of administration, commercialization as well as communication.

The city is a centre of trade to items like tobacco, cotton, citrus fruits and maize. In the manufacturing sector items like steel, chemicals, textiles are available here and even Gold mining is done in Harare. Subtropical highland climate is what best describes the climate of Harare. Harare provides its locals and its visitors with the best food, shopping and resting facilities and it has so much to offer to its people.

Matusadona National Park widens up to an area of almost 600 square miles. This is a city which consists of innumerable animals for example: elephants, lions, Kudu, Impala and buffaloes. It is home to a variety of fish eagles. Looking at the number of animals present the trip automatically becomes much more enjoyable.

Harare’s Matusadona National park is covered with wooded hills, amazing plateaus and shorelines and the park has an area over 1000 kilometers of the wild land. You can be the person to have the amazing experience of looking at the absolutely spectacular view of the sunset in the park. The Strikingly expressive natural view along the plant and wildlife, the national park is a breathtaking location for not just photography of the wildlife but photography as a whole. Facilities like walking safaris which help one to look around the national park are available. One of the best parts of this tour is the safari in this fascinating park. The park is included in the list of the six walking destination of safari in all of South Africa.

This famous Matusadona National Park is popular amongst the locals and the tourists due to it having the highest number of wild lions in all of South Africa. You might get lucky and get the amazing opportunity to encounter the lions as you explore the forest. Apart from this the park houses all the black rhinos which are said to be endangered.

When in the Matusadona National Park, Harare one would find a great diversity of marauder like cheetahs and leopards but no lions. As you tread through the parks, you might get to look at the black rhino lingering somewhere close and you might also get to see their feet. It is seen that this park is home to above 400 species of birds. The lake present there is the place of the popular fighter fish.

One side of the park lies in a sub aquatic region and it is basically the place where dead trees are present and it is also the necessary habitat for a variety of species. A category of grass which is “Torpedo grass” grows besides the shores of the lake and it proves to be a part which provides the food to the wild animals.

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