Bulawayo the Beating Heart of Zimbabwe

The zebras roaming at the Hwange National Park

Zimbabwe is a country that is known for its diverse landscapes, its scenic beauty, its wildlife, its culture and much more. This amazing country in Africa is lined with waterfalls, rainforests, savannahs, game reserves, major cities and many other attractions that make the country an appealing place to visit. Urban centers like Harare are a tourist favorite and visited by many every year. One such city which is also visited and is a must visit Is Bulawayo.

The second largest city after Harare, this amazing city is located near the region of Matabeleland. Known as the city of kings, Bulawayo is a multicultural city which attracts tourists from across the world to its numerous attractions, sites, monuments and landmarks. The city is the industrial and business capital of Zimbabwe and attracts many businessmen and investors from all over the world. Bulawayo is truly an international city with numerous hotels, malls, cafes, restaurants, motels, resorts, monuments, landmarks and much more. The city is also home to the national railway Zimbabwe, which connects Bulawayo to South Africa and Botswana. There are many attractions in Bulawayo but the ones that are in the outskirts of the city are more prominent and definitely worth visiting. The road network makes it easier to reach these attractions from Bulawayo. Some of the attractions include Hwange National Park, Matopo National Park and Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls are one of the most magnificent, stunning and beautiful waterfalls in the whole world. They are so spectacular that they are often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. Named after Queen Victoria, the waterfalls are an amazing sight that will leave you breathless. The exquisite beauty of the water and the equally beautiful surrounding forests make the place appear serene and peaceful. The waters of the Victoria waterfalls are rushing and make a strong thundering sound especially during the rainy season the flow of water is very strong. The water is so fast and in such volume that it creates a smoky affect that makes the river below invisible. The smoke and the rushing waters make for a magnificent sight which is worth seeing.

Also at Victoria Falls there are many adventurous opportunities especially for the adrenaline junkies. The Victoria Falls has its very own bungee jumping facility. This facility is very well organized and safe. Professionals teach and guide you how to jump and throughout the jump motivate you and keep you safe. The jump takes place at the Victoria Bridge which goes over the Zambezi River. The bridge is almost 110 meters high and is an interesting and fun jump. So do try bungee jumping when at the Victoria Falls it will be truly fun and exciting and an unforgettable experience.

Another fun thing to do at the Victoria Falls is a hike through the rainforest. The various rain forests that surround the Victoria Falls are home to many animals and exotic and exquisite birds. So for all the bird watchers rainforest hike is a must do at Victoria falls. Guides are available to guide you through the rainforest. There are also many points on the hike trail which give spectacular and stunning views of the Waterfalls.

With so much to offer Bulawayo is a must visit. Get to Victoria Falls from Bulawayo and have a fun time with your family. Contact us for cheap flights to Bulawayo from UK.

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