Creativity and Uniqueness on Display

The capital of the famous Zimbabwe is none other than the vibrant city of Harare. By having a population of approximately 2 million people Harare proves itself to be the largest city of all of Zimbabwe. The city attracts business men for all around the world as it is literally an economical hub. Textiles, chemicals, steel, maize, citrus fruits, tobacco and cotton are some of the major manufactured goods in this diverse city.

The city is located at a high part of the famous Highveld plateau of Zimbabwe. To get to this amazing city the airport of Harare can be used and after that getting around into this huge city can be a bit confusing as it is further divided into suburbs. But one should not worry as cars can be rented and minibuses can be used as well. The city is fully modernized as it is visited by a vast number of tourists all year round.

With some of the best hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, bars and parks Harare proves itself yet again to be worth visiting and spending your holidays at. Apart from all this it is a very good place to shop at as one can find different goods which are relating to the culture of the people of Harare.

If you are very conscious about money and don’t want to spend a lot Harare still has very good facilities for you whether it is in the terms of relaxing or sleeping and even in terms of food and drinks. So, get up and call us now and book cheap flights to Harare with us and fly to Harare for the best vacations of your life with your family and friends. Bring your camera along so that you can remember these times forever.

Chapungu Sculpture Park Harare

One of the major tourists’ attractions in Harare is the famous Chapungu Sculpture Park. This park was the founding of the famous Roy Guthrie. It started out to be just a small gallery for people to visit but then it was made it into a park and its name was put up as Chapungu Sculpture Park. The park is very beautiful and very creative. It has a separate artist representation centre where the artists which Chapungu represents.

Some of the famous ones are Fanizani Akuda, Dominic Benhura, Lamech Bonjesi, Square Chikwanda, Stanford Derere, Arthur Fata, Alfred Gutsa, Jonathan Gutsa, Tapfuma Gutsa, Lovemore James, Nicholas Kadzungura, Joram Mariga, Nicholas Mukomberanwa, Gedion Nyanhongo, Brighton Sango, and Bernard Takawira.

There is a garden exhibit which has 80 sculptures which almost cover 8 sections which are known as the famous Nature and environment section, Custom and Legend, The Family, The Role of Women, Village Life, The Spirit World, Social Comment and The Role of the Elders. The pieces are absolutely magnificent and the artists put a lot of hard work and effort into making them. Normally they are from 4 to 11 feet and they weigh 500 pounds to almost 3 tons.

Some of the pieces are even on sale to the general public. Some of the famous ones on sale are “Stretching”, “A Sad Song”, “Dancing Girl”, “Out Walking”, “Eagle Head”, “Quail Chick”, “The Thinker”, “Proud Mother” and “The First Born”. These can be looked at on the website of the Chapungu sculpture parks as well. With so much to offer the park should for sure be visited when in Harare as it shows the creativity and the hard work of the artists.

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