Harare, Enjoying Attractions and Wonders that are Worlds Apart

It’s time to give yourself a break and indulge in the many pleasures that we are offering for you in a silver platter such as the cheapest airfare deals and best travel opportunities to Zimbabwe. Not only do these ensure that you have a fantastic time and an enjoyable vacation but also strives to ensure that you explore the many stunning attractions and landmarks.

One of these many irresistible deals is the very fact that we present to you the cheap flights to Harare when it comes to travelling from London to Zimbabwe and it does so rather gladly. You can travel with the world famous Ethiopian Airlines in merely £ 623 plus tax or travel book flights with KLM in just £ 632 plus tax. Not just these but you can also fly with Kenya Airways for just £ 630 and £ 723 with Emirates Airlines. It certainly couldn’t get better than this and the air fares definitely couldn’t get cheaper than this and that in itself is reason alone to make a trip to this ravishing city. These airfares are valid for booking before 30th of March 2013.

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

We’re sure you’re convinced to make this trip already but just in case you need another reason, there is the fabulous ‘Victoria Falls’. This awe-inspiring attraction lies only shortly away from Harare and can be reached by road and once reached; you will want to stay there forever. After all there is something about this place that makes it so very special and attracts tourists from all around the globe; be it the jaw dropping fleet of crystal clear water or the remarkable geological location or even the serene and tranquil ambiance that adds to the natural aura and overall beauty of this place. It’s undoubtedly the best way to get in touch of nature and explore its alluring blessings.

National Gallery Zimbabwe Exterior view

Another feast for all those history and culture lovers out there is the exceptional ‘National Gallery of Zimbabwe’ located in the amusing city of Harare and symbolizing its pride and glory. This gallery exhibits stunning art pieces, sculptures and paintings and is essentially dedicated to preserving Zimbabwe’s visual heritage and contemporary art and presents it in a way that will charm and inspire anyone who has the chance to visit it. Exploring it is therefore nothing less than a feast for your eyes; a soothing pleasure that you simply cannot deny. It’s like a trip into the past of Zimbabwe and its spectacular history and culture which you are bound to love.

Harare Gardens Zimbabwe

Whilst these attractions ensure that you have a fantastic time, there is so much more in this city to visit, see and enjoy. The ‘Harare Gardens’ is yet another one of those divine places that you simply cannot afford to miss. This is the largest park in the city and symbolizes a pleasantly soothing ambiance that will instantly refresh your senses and calm your nerves. It is therefore no wonder that this is one of the most ideal locations for weddings and if you’re lucky; there might be one going on whilst you are visiting the park. The neatly manicured lawns, beautifully colored flowers and the fresh sky that compliments all this present to you a magical experience.

Grab some snacks and get hold of your family or friends and enjoy a perfect little picnic at this exquisite place or just go down for a walk along the intricate flower beds and you will feel like you’re a part of something special and unique. All this and much more is possible in the beautiful city of Harare and you may feel free to thank your lucky stars for we are now facilitating you in exploring it in the cheapest airfare deals.

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