Harare: the Perfect Getaway Holiday Destination

If you every wanted to simply get away from the busy city life and escape to a secluded and quiet place that has amazing travel deals and cheap holidays waiting for you. This is your chance to experience a vacation unlike any other. Pamper yourself to unique experiences such as jet skiing and sailing. If you are in need for some quiet time then indulge yourself in a fishing experience in Harare.

Book your cheap flights to Zimbabwe now as this is your opportunity to not only embark upon a life changing holiday experience but also travel through flights that are cheap and economical. This is one place where you can let yourself enjoy the wilderness and get acquainted with nature. There are many things to do and places to see in the vibrant and exotic city, Harare however here are some places which you should not miss out on.

The Lion and Cheetah Park

Enter a sanctuary of one of the deadliest yet friendliest animal there is. This is your chance to meet the king of the jungle and get acquainted with them. One should book their cheap tickets to Harare now as the feeling of a day spent with the lions is unlike any other. Let every day be a Sunday here at the Lion and Cheetah Park, where you go to forget that there is a world beyond these four walls.

Lion and Cheetah Park Harare Zimbabwe

Not only can you indulge in an adventurous and exciting tour but also experience the night life with these friendly creatures as well. The thrill and excitement is unparalleled to any other destination and one must not miss out on the opportunity to witness this park as without it your trip to Harare would simply be incomplete.

Let Harare welcome you to a accurate taste of Zimbabwe Highveld. This is where the entire adventure takes place hence make sure that you do not overlook this destination. A feast of indigenous fauna and flora set amongst glorious rocks and some of the most breathtaking panoramic views.

The Ultimate Safari Experience

Harare is all about reconnecting with nature and the welcoming animals hence step onto the wild side as this city has some exciting safaris and expeditions planned out for you that would leave you gasping for air! If you thought the safari you have indulged in was amazing then you are in for a treat because Harare does it even better! The Harare Safari Lodge which is situated at the shores of the Lake Chivero is the perfect destination for your perfect getaway.

Safari Zimbabwe

It has the perfect atmosphere and adventurous activities planned for you that would make this destination spot your favorite. This is your chance to kick back and relax. Let yourself enjoy the wonderful and splendid views from the glittery lake. This resort also has restaurants and bar facilities to keep you and your stomach entertained. This is where you go to and get away from the noisy city life and breathe in some fresh air.

Ruwa Sculpture Gallery

There is something for everybody at the vibrant holiday location, Harare. The Ruwa Sculpture Gallery would leave you awestruck as you will get to witness some of the most outstanding stonework. Do not miss out on the opportunity and take advantage of these ground breaking deals and cheap flights to Zimbabwe.

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