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Bulawayo has particularly in the recent years risen to the international travel scene offering some astounding attractions which cater to the needs of ecological tourists, cultural enthusiasts and other intrigued enthusiasts alike providing them with a journey of a lifetime. Bulawayo is renowned for its plentiful attractions which will blow you away for their natural layouts and uniqueness making you want to come back for more so get your cheap tickets to Bulawayo now. Bulawayo apart from being the second largest city in Zimbabwe offers you some great infrastructural development with state of the art airports, shopping malls and fine parks topping your trip.

As soon as you reach the city you are offered a delightful collection of fine architecture which is boasted by numerous Edwardian and Victorian styled buildings which are sprawling here. The place thereby offers a great treat for the sore eyes and for those who are gravitated towards architectural finesse should definitely make it a point of heading here. Here we have gelled a list of some of the most famous attractions and tourist hotspots which are worthy of your time and money alike so make sure to comb through them before making your way here. Bulawayo is known for its fine stretch of ecological tourism where the naturists are provided with the perfect environment for their scenic extravaganza.

Bulawayo Natural History Museum Exterior view

Bulawayo Natural History Museum

Bulawayo is a land brimming with some great sights and sounds for the historians and generally everyone who may be interested in African culture and history. The city is home to some of the finest chronicles of history which would take you back into its great history. This fine Natural History Museum hosts an astounding collection of some great relics of the past which would enlighten you thoroughly.

Make sure to latch onto this great educational trip which offers a great time pass and experience the insightful exhibits and sculptures which come with it. Here at Bulawayo they also have a fine Railway Museum which is treat for the soul and anyone who relishes the great era of steam engines so get your bargain air deals now.

Tiger at Chipangali Wildlife Bulawayo

Chipangali Wildlife

One place which has for years now reeled numerous animal enthusiasts and activists is the Chipangali Wildlife which is a great orphanage as well as a research center which is bound to leave you in love with the place especially if you have a thing or two for animals. Here you would come across a great variety of animals of all sorts even those who are just recovering. The place has won numerous awards both locally and globally for its exceptional services. If you’re traveling to Bulawayo with kids then heading to this fine tourism hotspot is definitely a must so book your cheap flights to Zimbabwe now.

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