Safari Houseboat Tours at Lake Kariba


Holding its place as one of the largest man-made reservoirs stretched over 5,500 square kilometers, Lake Kariba holds its position as the largest one in all of Africa. Being a prime tourist destination, it’s famous for the extravagant variety of wildlife it exhibits including an unforgettable fishing experience, trusted safari, and boat cruises leaving visitors breathless. Head off to this man-made wonder set in perfect harmony with the natural wildlife, as you book cheap flights to Harare.

These one-of-a-kind houseboat holidays at Lake Kariba will take you to the most remote wilderness areas. Activities such as tiger fishing, bird watching and game viewing ensure no dull moments. With the facility of moving along the shore line and of the national park, spot the many unique wildlife animals along the Eastern Basin such as the Spurwing, Fothergrill and the Long Antelope among many others.

Even though lions, hippos and crocodiles roam the waters and parts of the shore, Lake Kariba is a safe place to visit with its houseboat cruises. With many facilities offering houseboats cruises, there a range of options to choose from. Whether it’s a secluded romantic getaway or a family trip, the boathouses cater to all. Head out to the wonders that Lake Kariba offers while staying in these comfort filled boathouses as you indulge in the scenic beauty and the unforgettable safari experience it offers.

These houseboat tours range from size to cost to facilities, being diverse in their distinct manners, composed of companies such as Pontoons Houseboats Yachts, Cabin Cruisers and many more. Facilities such as double cabins, en suite rooms, air conditioning and fully functional backup generators ensure relaxation for your holiday getaway. With top quality chefs and fresh produce serving the houseboats, food is yet another activity to look forward to. Being on water doesn’t bring the standard down; it only elevates it.

As you soak the warm sun and enjoy the fresh breeze at the deck, spot the incredible array of birdlife, especially the birds of prey, whether it is eagles out for a meal or vultures encircling a fresh kill of the predators. Keep your pace alongside that of the animals such as hippos and crocodiles as you enjoy the close range.

Although the Lake offers ideal holiday weather throughout the year, it is wise to book your houseboats a few months in advance as it attracts many tourists during holiday season. As storms approach near to October and last till February, as it gets windy and there is a risk of malaria, these few months are avoided by most.

Spectacular views, breathe taking sunsets, exceptional fishing, boating opportunities, the water sports and the calm unwinding atmosphere that Lake Kariba offers are regarded as an absolute favorite for tourists as it lives up to the hype and beauty.

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