Take an Adventurous Trip in the Wilderness of Mana Pools National Park


Even though Zimbabwe is known for many glorious attractions, Mana Pools National Park is without doubt the most magnificent of them all. Situated amidst the riverfront vegetation and stretching for over 2000 kilometers, much of the park is accessible on foot, providing its visitors with the opportunity to discover the wilderness while following a complete trail. Book flights to Zimbabwe for your family today and live the true safari experience.

The Mana Pools National Park serves as an excellent way to get acquainted with nature as it provides walk-in safaris, while also providing you with breathtaking sights. It’s not only a favorite among visitors but animals as well. This is because the park is home to the main regional herd of elephants who return back on its turf every year.

In addition to this, black buffalos are seen to dominate the park.  There are numerous other animals that have made the park their habitat. Predators such as leopards, lions and cheetah are seen more often.

The vast and expansive Zambezi River flows from Lake Kariba through the Lower Zambezi Valley, following a huge rift in the earth’s crust. The abundance of water and the beauty of greenery have made this park one of the most outstanding green areas.

The water is used for canoe safaris and is one of Zimbabwe’s vital escapades and quests for hunting big game, thus providing a great way to see a whole new view of the valley. This is your chance to dip your toes in the cold water while also taking in the beauty of greenery that surrounds you.

On the banks of the Zambezi, boundless cliffs extend along the river and its floodplains. The region is home to an astonishing biodiversity of wild animals, unbelievably natural sights and serene views. A haven for Nile crocodiles, hippopotamuses and rhinos, the Mana Pools National Park is one of the most unique World Heritage Sites.

With over 350 bird species, an extensive family of mammals, diverse aquatic life and a wide range of vegetation to support all this beauty, it is easy to understand why this park is so popular.

The trees act like filters through which light pours through. Get ready to take a wild ride through the dense foliage as you will get to meet numerous animals such as elands, impala, waterbuck, baboons, monkeys, warthog, cheetahs, zebra and many more.

From March to August and from September to October, Mana Pools National Park is the ideal place to visit. The animals come to the river bank to drink water and this serves as the best opportunity to get to explore them up close.

Permanent camps are also available now that would make your stay an exciting one. Choose between the Vundu Camp or the Ruckomechi Camp, each catering to your need in a special way. Providing excellent views, open spaces and a chance to sit by the river, these camps would enhance your journey to getting acquainted with nature.

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