The Blooming City of Harare

Elephants at Mukuvisi Woodlands Harare

If you are tired of the everyday chores of life and seek to set yourself free from the serious big city hustle bustle then here’s your chance now. Harare has for long been famous amongst the elite gentry and the well heeled tourists and travelers not only in Africa but in the entire world. Furthermore the bustling city thrives to be a well planned metropolis catering to the varying needs of each guest individually.

That’s why they say that at Harare you never run out on options whereby you can indulge in recreational ventures, shopping sprees and other sightseeing activities. The city has been endowed with abundant scenic splendor which is appeases the soul and mind of each of its guest. From nature lovers to historians to culture expeditionists, the city of Harare is just the perfect one stop tourist destination which caters for all kinds of travelers, so book your cheap flights now.

For those with an inclination towards nature can head to the large pieces of open spaces which boast one of the finest collection of trees, plants and shrubs. The National Botanical Gardens is spread over 68 Hectares and boasts more than 900 precious species of shrubs and trees amongst the rich flora and fauna collection. The Mukuvisi Woodlands is included as a part of it where the wildlife enthusiasts can witness some great variety of Zebras, Giraffes, wildebeest etc.

The city of Harare has other fantastic sightseeing options and boasts some great collection of national and international collection which amongst other things includes artifacts, exhibits and sculptures from the prehistoric and ancient times. Towards the city center you are surrounded in a pool of options where you can benefit from the dazzling casinos and try your luck or either indulge in a blissful massage at one of the treatment centers there.

There the Amara’s Health Spa is known for its quality services and massage therapies which range from therapeutic, beauty and other quality treatments. Here you can indulge in a holistic thigh massage, shoulder massage or a lower body, hot oil massage which will help you rejuvenate after a tiring day at work. Here the ingredients used are the purest based on oils, herbs and extracts of flowers.

If you wish to latch onto some scenic sightseeing expedition then head to the outskirts of the city where you have a variety of intimate places to choose from. Here you can either choose from the local hilly areas where you can head to with the entire family or with your loved one and discover the scenic places which beg to be discovered. The magnanimous city of Harare, brings out the best of what you can expect from a bustling city while offering you spectacles of a rich cultural and historical perspective. If you truly want to have a great time or are in need of change of space, then Harare truly is the ideal place for you.

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