The Fantasizing Bulawayo

Elephants at Matopos Hills Bulawayo

Bulawayo has recently topped the charts of various Travel Magazines and Guides and has emerged amongst the list of most desirable destinations of the world. Bulawayo is covered in layers of entertainment and superfluous options which will appease you and offer something for you which will cater to your exquisite needs.

With a pulsating nightlife, sprawling shops and dazzling malls the city of Bulawayo has recently witnessed a great influx of money owing to the favorable political regime. The city is endowed with abundant scenic splendor offering just the perfect hotspot for the newlywed couples and the sightseeing enthusiasts alike, so book your cheap flights now.

The best part about this magical city is that it accommodates guests and travelers from all backgrounds catering to their exclusive needs. Whether you are a sightseeing fanatic, culture exploring enthusiast or a historian, the city of Bulawayo will leave you agape for its sheer class and exuberance. If you have a penchant for history and wish to embark onto a grand historical tour depicting the rich history of Zimbabwe from the prehistoric times and the ancient times then heading to the Museum of National History is a must.

Here you can enlighten yourself in an unrivalled manner where you can witness above 80,000 exhibits of history, culture and wildlife of Zimbabwe. Taking the entire family here is highly recommended and you will definitely love the trip. Here you will also see an extensive list of geological and historical displays where you can definitely have a grand time traveling.

For the ones with a keen interest in rails and railways, the Railway Museum is a must hit. Here you can see some great steam engines and is one of the most revered sites acting as a tribute to the era of sheer grace and adventure. For all those animal lovers and wildlife enthusiasts heading to Bulawayo to witness some regal wildlife up close and personal are in for a great time where they can head to some great animal reserve like the Tshabala Game Sanctuary which features Zebras, Giraffes, tsessebe, wildbeeste, kudu and many more which will leave you and your mates tantalized. The animal game reserves at Bulawayo are known to listed amongst the best in Zimbabwe.

If you wish to give treat your eyes with some jaw dropping scenic images which Bulawayo has to offer then head to the Matopos Hills which is worth each dime. Here you can spend an entire day having a great barbeque and witness some great views of the granite hills and nearby localities.

If you wish to take a dip into a fine chlorinated swimming pool then head to the Bulawayo Club where you can indulge yourself into a great swimming session. Also there are available other personalized grooming services including extremely rewarding blissful massages, therapies, beauty treatments, shaving and many more. If you’re thinking of heading to Bulawayo in any time soon, do yourself a favor and make the right move for yourself by making your reservations now.

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