The Greatest Natural Marvel of this Planet – Victoria Falls

Aerial view of Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

To witness the mile-long curtain of falling water that roars as it falls, just take cheap tickets to Harare and enjoy the most astonishing and unique experience of your lives. Located amazingly between Zimbabwe and Zambia and draws the attention of thousands of people from all over this world. These falls acts as a barrier between 2 national parks- Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe and the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park in Zambia.

The Smoke that thunders or the Victoria Falls are the source of great temptation for not only the locals but also for hundreds of foreigners who flock towards Zimbabwe. Based on its height and width, it has been regarded to be the largest waterfall of this earth (360 feet high (108 meters) and one mile wide (1.7 km). Very famous world-wide for being included in the list of 7 natural wonders of this world. It has always inspired multitudes of people who forget everything while seeing it for the very first time.

The Scottish explorer Dr. David Livingstone was the 1st ever person on earth to discover these falls and gave it the name Victoria Falls to honor the queen of that time. Due to its unique and amazing geography you can easily enjoy the full force of the spray, watch them face-on and can see the spectacular rainbows that are always present. The whole volume of the falls actually pass through many gorges and they are categorized as the 1st gorge, 2nd gorge, 3rd gorge, 4th gorge, 5th gorge and the Songwe gorge. The tourism was actually initiated when the bridge was constructed in 1900 and it became an increasingly popular attraction of the region.

The awe-inspiring Devil’s Pool is another attraction that’s casts a spell on the tourists and offers them the most dangerous and unique swimming experience of their lives. It’s just submerged lip of rock that stands between the 100m drop over the world’s largest waterfall and the bathers. It is the largest infinity pool of this world that mesmerizes the most daring and adventurous travelers of the planet.

Victoria Falls is the oasis of thrilling activities and there are many interesting and mind blowing things, you can enjoy to the extreme such as the Bungee Jumping (one of the major highlights and the biggest reasons, who people come here), the Jet Boating ( an amazing excursion to observe these giant falls from below), the White-water Rafting, Sundown Cruise, Wild life viewing and many others. Some more extreme adventures include horse ride, swing through the gorge, river board, abseil, canoe and kayak.

“At whatever part one looks, the rays of the sun shining on the descending masses of foam, form a double zone of prismatic colors, of whose depth and brilliancy no one who has only seen the faint tints of an ordinary rainbow can form any conception. Such are the Victoria Falls – One of, if not the most transcendentally beautiful natural phenomenon on this side of Paradise” (F.C. Selous, 1881).

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