The Jaw Dropping Waterfalls of this Planet

This planet is abundant with extra ordinary and amazing beauties and the tourists of this world are always in search of some magical marvels. The African Continent is the best one to feature the highest variety of fascinations and allurements- one of the most captivating and spell casting one is the Victoria Falls that draws the attention of all those people who grab cheap flights to Harare.

Though the destination is rich in cultural centers, historical monuments, pyramids, pleasant climate, rainy forests, beaches, botanical gardens and wild life parks, but the best-loved attraction of the region is the waterfall. Harare is the heart of Zimbabwe and these falls are natural. This fall is one of the 7 natural wonders of the world that has also been declared as the World Heritage Site by UNESCO and is commonly called as “the smoke that thunders”.

Victoria Falls Harare Zimbabwe

It is in full form during the months of April and March and thus forms the largest curtain of falling water. More than 500 million liters of water per minute falls down at this point and creates a mystical spray that leave every coming traveler in awe. A heart-stopping thunder is also created by the cascading waters and the spray rises to more than 100 meters on a clear day.

A beautiful view of Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls are probably the most popular falls of the planet that are located on the border of Canada and United States and inspires hundreds of tourists each day. These are categorized by 3 different falls- the Horseshoe Falls, Luna Falls (Bridal Veil Falls) and the American Falls and serve to be the most stunning and eye catchy attraction of Canada. These Falls are visited by millions of people each year and the visitor traffic increases manifold in summertime. the Maid of the Mist boat cruise is the biggest fascination of the falls that offers you an adventurous and thrilling excursion.

Iguazu Falls North America

Beautifully situated in the Canaima National Park of Venezuela, the Angel Falls is another amazing and astonishing waterfall of this world that tempts millions of people. these are known to be the tallest waterfalls of this world that features the height of more than 3212 feet and a plunge of 2,648 foot.

The fall is 100 feet taller than the 2nd largest waterfall of the planet. the fall is also commonly called as Parakupa Vena  “he fall from the highest point”. Getting to this point is quite challenging and the assistance of a professional guide and expert is always required.

Iguazu Falls are just mesmerizing and enchanting- these falls are located in North America but form a border with 3 different countries, Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. These falls covers the land area of more than 2.7 kilometers and the height varies between 60 and 82 meters.

It also forms a deep U-shaped fissure that makes a spectacular 82 meters drop and is very famous with the name of “Devil’s Throat”. Some other must-see falls are Kaieteur Falls Guyana, Nam Tok Thilawsu Waterfalls, Thailand, Skogafoss Waterfalls, Iceland, Sutherland Falls, New Zealand and the Ribbon Falls.

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