The Magnetic Mbare, Harare

The southern suburb of Zimbabwe is one gleaming destination that attracts multitudes of all those tourists who take flights to Harare. It is a high-density location that serves to be the home of “Dembare”- the largest soccer team of Zimbabwe and the place also features many other notable and significant sites. The top-most attraction is the Curio Market that is one of a kind and is known to be the largest market of Mbira instruments, soapstone sculpture and amazing traditional artwork.

It is also the biggest market of vegetable and other food items and also sells second-hand clothing in large quantity. This magical destination houses Rufaro stadium that organizes plenty of games and is also very popular for housing the most antiquated theatre of the region known as the Mai Musonza Hall. The bodies of state veterans are there in Stodart hall, which is also located in Mbare. The economy of the country is majorly based on this particular region and it contributes a lot in the selling and purchasing of various products.

Mbare Market Harare

Dynamos football club is settled here and the team is considered among the top teams of the country. The Rufaro stadium  is used for international matches and Bob Marley also came here in 1980 for a musical show. Harare cementry is another captivating and significant landmark of the region which is very popular for the World War graves. The place also houses Harare magistrate courts.

One of the most ancient and antiquated buildings of the country is Mai Musodzi Hall that is beautifully located in Mbare and is named after a women who was very keen for education and awareness. Old bricks and Kaytor were the 1st council houses and that era was dedicated to  tap dance and Jazz music. This destination also produced many famous singers- Elisha Josam  and Thomas Mapfumo Hilton Mambo are the residents of Mbare.

The Stodart hall is the largest community hall of the area that also organized the performance of Sir Cliff Richard in 1960.  George Hartley is the finest swimming pool centre of this destination that attracts a large variety of tourists specially in summer season, where the swimmers are entertained by a live music.

Mbare means a market place or the gathering of things- so the name fairly does the justice with the largest market of the area. It specializes in a unique variety of recycled materials and high quality African products. The craftspeople and artisans of Zimbabwe are always at work to create masterpieces for this amazing place. The most dazzling and stunning symbols of African creativity are recycled bottle cap art, Weya art,  painted tin animals, non-endangered wood carvings and Shona stone sculpture.

Besides, there is a lot more that will definitely inspire you in the market and there are many other popular sites of Mbare that you would love to visit, so this time in your vacations, just make up your mind and get ready for and exciting tour to Mbare.

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