The Serene Harare

Domboshawa Rock Zimbabwe

The city of Harare offers an eclectic fusion of style, grandeur and elegance and has emerged amongst the most desirable destinations for the globetrotting business community as-well as the family oriented vacationers. The best part about this fabulous piece of land is that it offers myriad opportunities keeping in mind the varying backgrounds of each of its guest.

So next time you have been yearning about planning a family oriented vacation do keep Harare in mind. The city has grown into a bustling metropolis in recent years and now features skyscrapers all around the city center area which acts as offices to the multinational companies, international organizations, government entities and other foreign banks. The city of Harare has witnessed a serious influx of expatriates and foreign workers due to the increased employment opportunities which have developed here.

Regardless of whether you are in a mood for some tantalizing sightseeing options, looking for a holistic massage which will ease your mind and soul or in search of some quality merchandise and souvenirs to take back home for your dear ones, the city of Harare will accommodate to all your such needs, so book your cheap flights now.

Whether its marvels of quality engineering, design or infrastructure which lures you, the city of Harare has a classic combination of all three. Rest assured, at Harare you will never run out of options due to the innumerable entertainment options which are available here. The city center boasts numerous dazzling shopping malls which have been raised to dizzying heights and feature classic retail outlets selling quality clothing, shoes, merchandise and other quality stuff which will make you want to get your hands immediately on them.

If you harbor the idea of a road trip with your family or soul mate to some secluded place near the outskirts of the city then again Harare is the perfect place for you. Harare has some of the most intimate places in the entire African Continent which is a feast for the nature lovers. For those willing to explore the rich cultural heritage of this great African nation, head to one of the most historical sites which the city features.

If you are looking for one mind boggling place which provides stellar views and gives you a great sundowner then head to the Dombo Shawa which is also known as the granite hill. The ascend itself is not too much of a daunting task. Take along with you a picnic basket so that you and the family can have a great time there. You can also have a fantastic time here if you want to spend an afternoon there. For the ones looking for some other kind of entertainment should head tot eh Avondale Flea market which boasts all kinds of cinemas, restaurants coffee shops and more.

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