The Sparkling Ornament of Zimbabwe

Mbare Curio Market Zimbabwe

The gleaming metropolis of Zimbabwe-Harare is a light-filled, bewitching ,open city; elevated on the highland of the country which is adorned with momentous buildings, spacious thoroughfares, various mesmerizing gardens and parks ,the streets bordered with flowering shrubs and trees and have the most invigorating and wonderful climate. Being the largest city of the country, Harare covers an area of about 2,800,000 square kilometres and act as the focal point for the trade of citrus fruits, cotton, maize and tobacco. Tourists extremely praise the historical and the cultural heritage of the city that has been preserved for many years and you can too take flights to Harare to have the memorable time among the picturesque and most amazing destinations of the city.

One of the magical destination is Borrowdale Park( This is a serene ground which is located some 6.8 kilometres away in the northern side of city centre. The park is very well-known for the world class gambling, equine racing as well as gaming facilities. Groups of people love to head towards this astounding park for party and other get-togethers. Apart from it, always host horse racing and enticing events for the enthusiastic gamblers and gamers). Mbare Curio Market is also worth-visiting (Curio Market is one of the most popular areas that is located in Mbare in the southern country side area.

It is considered to be the busiest market where you can find a wide collection of jewellery items, tawny animal-skin products such as bags, boots, handicrafts and jackets. Besides the greatest attractions of the market are the cultural artworks that consist of Mbira instruments and soapstone carvings. The market remains open almost all the days of the week and also offers some luxurious restaurants where mouth-watering and delicious international cuisines are served. Just don’t miss the chance of visiting the largest vegetable and food market where you can also find a wide range of previously-owned clothing).

You must also hit the stunning site of Kopje( This is the most tempting and appealing site of every Zimbabwe tour-a flat mountain that is elevated in the south-western part of Harare and provides the magnificent bird’s eye view of the city from the top. The bird-watchers will love to sight a number of colorful-chirping birds here on the location. This slab mountain is encircled with shrubs and many green trees) and National Botanic Garden (The National Botanic Garden is located some 4 kilometres in the northern region of the city in the close vicinity of Alexandra Park.

The garden is very famous for guarding the indigenous and exotic plants breeds and acts as a research centre various floral species. Basically it is categorized in 3 sections, The Herbarium (which contains almost 500,000 samples of distinctive plants and its main function is to name and identify various plants of Zambesiaca Region which comprises Caprivi, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

The Botanic Garden (which is popular for the growth of almost 900 shrubs and trees and it has been divided into sections according to the trees of Eastern Highlands, Lowveld and Highveld), The Education Centre (it disseminates knowledge regarding the plants and plant kingdom of Zimbabwe).

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