Top 5 Attractions of Harare

When it comes to exploring the wild, nothing comes close to Harare. The city is simply marvelous with its wilderness and natural beauty, diverse array of other activities, luxuries and other attractions. Offering a wide collection of hotels, shopping opportunities, wildlife sanctuaries and places that offer wonderful food, Harare is simply a complete travel destination and would be extremely enjoyable and marvelous whenever you choose to visit it.

Cheap flights to Harare are available around the year so tourists and travelers can choose from what best suits them and make selections in terms of economy and comfort. Here is your opportunity for cheap tickets to Zimbabwe and enjoy a perfect holiday. The city of Harare has a diverse array of activities and attractions to offer you and since there are too many, here are listed the top 5 attractions of Harare.

Rino in Wild Is Life Trust Animal Sanctuary Harare

Wild Is Life Trust, Animal Sanctuary:

Wildlife is a defining area of this part of the world. With animals diverse and beautiful, they need to be kept safe and guarded to keep the food chain going on as it should. The Animal Sanctuary helps perform this task appreciably by the rehabilitation and rescue for animals. It is also a wildlife orphanage and so each animal offers a memorable and personal story. The place offers calmness and also a sting of natural beauty along with it making a day spent here wonderful and magnificent.

Lake Chivero Harare, Zimbabwe

Lake Chivero Recreational Park for a perfect day out:

For those who appreciate nature and its wonders, the Lake Chivero is the best place to spend the day. With its wallpaper like beauty and perfection, the mountains in the background that are snowcapped and the lake in front, it’s the best place to enjoy the natural landscape and just admire the beauty that it beholds. The lake is a short 40 minute drive from Harare and has many entrances which offer a delight and a new mystery each time you travel.

Raintree Venue Zimbabwe

Rain-tree Venue, another delightful location:

The Rain-tree is a paradise of natural wonders that is hidden in the Umwinsidale Valley. The place has been developed in the past years to offer shopping and other attractions as well. The development of the place has sprung up tourism and visits by the people to the place. Visiting the Rain tree shall make for a perfect day out and a delightful entertainment as well.

Alo Alo Restaurant Harare Zimbabwe

Alo-Alo Restaurant for the best International cuisine:

A visit to the AloAlo shall certainly liven up your senses. The atmosphere at the restaurant is wonderful and offers a wide range of cuisine with Portuguese being the specialty. Chefs take great pride in sourcing the best ingredients and serving them in wonderful atmospheres to you.

Victoria 22 Zimbabwe

Visit the Victoria 22 for a Wonderful Meal:

A meal at this restaurant shall be wonderful if you are looking for great meals. The restaurant serves a variety of great dishes in great surroundings which makes a meal ever more pleasant.

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