Tour the Woods and Waterfalls of Chimanimani


A small town located in the Manicaland Province, situated in the south-eastern part of Zimbabwe and near to Mozambique’s border, Chimanimani is one destination that brings you closer to nature through various adventures and expeditions. Book cheap flights to Zimbabwe and experience the very best of thrilling escapades in the outskirts of this Zimbabwean sanctuary.

The sandstone Chimanimani Mountains are one of the biggest attractions. Accessible only by footpath, these mountains are home to awe-inspiring beauty and an unreal, eerie atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for several activities including hiking, rock climbing, camping and bird watching.

Mountain Biking can also be considered an option. Known as the best venue for serious mountain bikers, the routes lead the way to stunning views of the town while also giving you a challenge to beat the track.

Filled with lush cedar trees and yellow wood, the Chimanimani National Park is a haven for natural beauty. For all those who are looking to get acquainted with the flora and fauna home to Zimbabwe’s biodiversity, a camping trip in these woods would settle their hopes for a dream vacation. From bushes of sweet peas to wild orchids and massed purple lassandria, the Chimanimani National Park is the perfect spot to enjoy an outdoor picnic.

Chimanimani is the doorway to the roughest, most harsh National Park in Zimbabwe. Recognized for its serenity, it’s also the idyllic site for the truly daring, as it is home to deep caves and the tallest waterfalls in the area. Chimanimani is home to the endangered Blue Swallow which is the two long tail feathered bird. Gurneys Sugar Birds can be easily found here as they are here all year.

From the Bridal Veil Falls to the Golf Course situated at the Chimanimani Club, there are simply so many spectacular spots to tour around. If you love to walk amid nature then make sure you take a loop walk to the Bridal Veil Falls. This route will get you acquainted with the Msasa woodland.

Bridal Veil Falls are near to the Chirundu forest, one of the most popular tropical forests. Chirundu houses many exceptional tree kinds, comprising of cycads and strelitzias. The red mahogany tree, popularly known as the “Big Tree” is also present in these woods. It is over a thousand years old and rises up to over seventy meters high and sixteen meters wide.

Whether you are looking to stay overnight, hike in the mountains or just relax, there are many hotels and resorts that will provide you with heavenly scenic views with a tranquil atmosphere. Heaven Lodges is one of the most loved and popular resorts chosen by tourists. Another accommodation of preference of tourists is the Frog and Fern Cottages, which includes over 3 catering services while also providing you with fabulous and magnificent views of the Bridal Veil Falls.

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