Witness a whole new side to Zimbabwe at the Great Zimbabwe Ruins


It wouldn’t be a first if one who has toured the amazing country of Zimbabwe refers to it as a jewel located in mighty Africa. And why not refer to it as such? Zimbabwe is blessed with unmatched beauty; the indulging Victoria Falls, proper safari trails and services, and not to mention fascinatingly intriguing heritage sites. It all combines to make up for that perfect African holiday that we all have dreamed of witnessing at least once in our lives.

While many of the famed destinations in Africa will offer you indulging African safaris, Zimbabwe is that one country that will offer you age-old fascinating attractions that you are sure to thoroughly enjoy. So why think twice? Plan your next big holiday now and book cheap flights to Zimbabwe without further ado.

Zimbabwe is home to the intriguing Great Zimbabwe ruins which are by far one of Africa’s top rated attractions. Imagine walking through early man’s fascinating creation unraveling the mystery, intrigue and legacy that this World Heritage Listed site has in store. If you’re planning your next big holiday in Zimbabwe, make sure you include a visit to this exotic location.

Why you need to visit the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

While you will find an endless list of attractions that Zimbabwe offers, the famous Great Zimbabwe Ruins will offer an experience that you will very seldom find at any other place. Dated back to the 11th and 14th centuries, these are one of the largest ruins to be found in sub-Saharan Africa covering almost 1800 hectares, and such vast expanse makes it all the more explore-worthy. The ruins are located at only about 2 hours’ drive from Zimbabwe’s second largest city of Bulawayo.

So when you plan a stop at this famed city of Zimbabwe, make sure you take a road trip with your family and friends to explore this exotic and mind-blowing World Heritage Listed site. The site preserves an entire city that once stood here in Zimbabwe Thousands of years ago and housed Zimbabwe’s monarchy. The ruins have great significance as this is where the country derives its name and its national symbol.

The guides that you will find here are extremely helpful and really know and understand the significance of the place that it has on their roots and legacy. So it’s best you explore this massive site with the help of a tour guide who will also explain the time when the city’s monarchy was in full bloom and eventually what brought about its fall. Campsites are also available because the site itself is huge and will take time for those seeking to unravel the entire city.

The whole city has been built with massive stones kept one on top of the other without any mortar being used. It’s simply fascinating to see man’s skill and expertise in setting up such carefully built structures that are still preserved to date.

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