Your Perfect African Holiday Retreat: Harare

Are you bored of your everyday routine life? Tired of the monotony in your life? If yes then there is nothing better to refresh you inside out than an African holiday. If you are looking for a very fine and outstanding holiday experience Harare is your place. This wonderful city is rich in its heritage and culture. With its mild to warm open climate you can holiday in the best possible mood going all casual with your clothing and holiday planning. Let us guide you about the most amazing attractions that you can find in this awe inspiring place.

Raintree Venue ZimbabweRaintree Venue:

This is the place where you can wander in open grass lands following rich wildlife and beautiful African birds. There is a lake side where you can sit with your loved ones admiring the perfect evening sun spreading the shades of oranges and yellows all over the skyline and lake water. You can also take a picnic basket with you and lie down on your mat all day long with your family enjoying the scenic beauty of this beautiful Raintree Venue.

Kuimba Bird Sanctuary Zimbabwe

Kuimba Bird Sanctuary:

African birds are known worldwide for their exceptional beauty and colors. Kuimba Bird Sanctuary is the place where you can see all of these spectacular birds at one place. You can hire a guide who will take you around the grass lands and pathways so that you can observe these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and take some stunning pictures. There are also encaged birds kept for breeding and safety purposes. You can see them too and meet their keepers.

Doon Estate:

To get some good shopping and delicious food, drive to Doon Estate, Harare. Doon Estate offers you a good variety of restaurants and eateries that offer finger licking food of many cuisines. You can also shop traditional African goods as souvenirs from here.

Lake Chivero Recreational Park Zimbabwe

Lake Chivero Recreational Park:

This place is excellent for a day out in which you can hire a jeep and safari through the open places and grass lands. You will love driving through the thick vegetation enjoying the weather and views of the beautiful city of Harare. You can also see the wildlife open and around in its natural habitat. The experiencing of seeing animals like giraffes, hippos, elephants and birds in their very home is astounding and very unlike anything else.

To spend a very African and lovely holiday and to see all these and many wonderful holiday attractions, fly to Harare with your loved ones to spend a holiday of a lifetime. The place is stunning and very African to the core along with amazing vacationing facilities. You and your family will love the time spent in this wonderful city and will not feel bored for a second.

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