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Zimbabwe has its essence with the varying landscapes which govern it. From plateaus to mountains to rivers and even lakes, there is a lot left to venture for in a routine trip. Among the marvels of nature which represent the location are the great Victoria Falls, which are considered by many as one of nature’s largest wonders; a never-ending, vast river cascading down ridges and cliffs into miles and miles of water vapour. Since Victoria Falls are located too much towards the western borders of Zimbabwe, tourists may find Victoria to be too far off from the rest of the destinations.

Mtarazi Falls Zimbabwe

There are alternatives amply present, with Pungwe Falls and Mtarazi falls being smaller versions altogether. To get to observe the role of water bodies in the cycle of life in the wild, there are specified locations available for observation. The still and calm waters of Mana Pools, the lower Zambezi including the Kariba Lake facilitate boating and canoeing among the sightseeing activities in their areas.

Harare, Victoria falls and Bulawayo are all established centers of attracting international influx of travelers and tourists for flights to Zimbabwe. Standardized services in line with international requirement and expectations are present in the form of numerous five star hotels, restaurants and lodges. These major economic hubs have thrived in commerce, providing business opportunities to be invested from abroad. Major industrial development is also gaining momentum in and around the outskirts, and excavation of natural resources is also active to support the availability of inputs.

Mana Pools Zimbabwe

The prime culture and heritage of the country has its roots within the Shauna tribal community, which has roamed over these lands over centuries. The simple and indigenous lifestyle of this community is even present today, and is clearly visible with the staple diet adapted across most of the country. Most of the dishes are composed of simple agrarian ingredients, roughly cooked and processed to obtain simple dishes which are then readily consumed. However, this does not mean that tourists will have no stomach to get to taste anything exquisite in the country. Along the coasts there are seafood restaurants, while continental cuisine is also available along popular food chains in urban districts.

Hwange National Park Zimbabwe

The same lakes and rivers divide the various expanses of game parks and protected reserves across which various wildlife species constitute the ultimate safari experience. Major institutions like the Hwange game park, Save foundation and Matobo National Park are under constant efforts and initiatives for wildlife introduction and protection. Where species are missing, they have been re-introduced, while new species have been supported for their expansion over the years.

Big cats like lions, leopards and cheetahs are common in sight, with herds of bison, chinkaarahs, antelopes, deer, wildebeest, and so many other species to distinguish from. Monkeys and baboons are the main primates, and larger animals include endangered black rhinoceros, elephants and giraffes. The same regions also give the opportunity for getting to witness exotic bird life within the vicinity. Each park and game reserve has its own set of rules and conditions to allow tourists pursue hunting activities, as regulatory bodies keep track of licenses and weaponry for the purpose to be under controlled limits.

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